Integrative Medicine is Sweeping Hospitals Across the US, Have You Heard of It?

At Comprehensive Health Center, we treat our patients – not their symptoms. Our focus on integrative medicine means that we treat the whole person. Integrative medicine is holistic and preventative – focusing on complete health. So, how is integrative medicine different than other medicinal practices? We will explore this and other common questions in this article.

The National Institutes of Health has many definitions of “integrative” medicine online. They all share one similarity though, in bringing conventional and alternative approaches together. Traditional Medicine, also known as western or standard medicine, is too often reactive. Overuse of antibiotics has led to antibiotic-resistant bugs. Medical costs are out of control. Still, there are many important reasons to use conventional medical treatments. For this reason, integrative medicine is gaining recognition across the United States.

Researchers are exploring the use of integrative medicine in a variety of settings. With gaining popularity and increased use in hospitals, research has continued to grow. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms or disease that the patient is experiencing. Most doctors don’t see their patients enough for preventative medicine. Is integrative medicine so much different?

Here are the 3 reasons you should try integrative medicine:

  1. There must be an ongoing relationship between the doctor and the patient. This relationship is at the core of integrative medicine. By focusing on your health while you are healthy, you can prevent disease and illness. Integrative medicine combines this holistic and proactive thinking with conventional and alternative medicines. Why wouldn’t you want the best of all worlds?
  2. Your treatment is unique to your needs with all options considered. Your treatment can include pharmaceutical and OTC medications, Vitamins, Supplements, Injections, and Surgeries. A sophisticated combination of conventional and alternative medicine based on your unique needs. By consulting one doctor who works with both, you will avoid any harmful interactions. Don’t let any treatment options go unexplored – try integrative medicine to get the full story.
  3. We treat you as a whole person – not your symptoms. This means that your “treatment” begins when your healthy and focuses on keeping you that way. When you are not feeling well – we try to fix it early. It also means that we look at every part of you – your mind, body, and soul. We absolutely can make ourselves physically ill by being mentally down. By treating the full person, we can stop some illnesses before it even starts.


Dr. Battle explains:
“Human beings consist of Body, Mind, and Soul inextricably bound as one, and each should be treated to maintain health and harmony.”
At Comprehensive Health Center, we use this approach to treat the root causes of illness.

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