When you hear heavy metal, the first thing you might think of is a bunch of rugged looking people head banging to aggressively loud rock music. While this certainly is a popular form of heavy metal, it most certainly isn’t a dangerous form of the phrase we’re talking about. Natural heavy metals are metallic substances that we ingest or breath in during our daily lives or routines. Heavy metals can cause numerous health issues ranging from barely noticeable to serious chronic diseases. In today’s blog, Comprehensive Health, the best integrative health center in Houston, will go over what heavy metal therapy is and how heavy metal detox can help improve your overall health.

What is Heavy Metal Therapy?

Heavy metal therapy isn’t simply sticking someone in a room or chamber and making them listen to heavy metal music until their symptoms are cured or they go insane. Heavy metal chelation therapy has been used for generations in order to remove harmful substances and minerals from the body. Chelation was first discovered back in the 1930s as German chemists were trying to find a replacement for citric acid as a water softener. Chelation therapy and heavy metal detox therapy wasn’t used regularly until the start of World War II as chemists found that the holistic therapy could serve as a natural antidote for lewisite, a chemical weapon that used arsenic.

The chemists also found that heavy metal chelation therapy was extremely effective in treating lead poisoning. Heavy metal therapy was then used in the 1950s to help treat those suffering from the side effects of lead poisoning, particularly those who worked with or were around lead based paints for an extended period of time. Heavy metal detox therapy was also used to help treat arsenic and mercury poisoning around the world. Heavy metal chelation therapy helped remove harmful substances from the blood of both soldiers and workers alike, cementing it as a highly beneficial holistic therapy.

Benefits of Heavy Metal Detox Therapy

Because heavy metals can cause numerous health issues, especially when they’re allowed to stay in the body for a long time, it’s important to have them removed quickly. However, heavy metal chelation therapy can only be offered and performed by certified holistic medicine doctors, like those you can find here at Comprehensive Health in Houston. On top of safely removing harmful substances from the body, heavy metal detox therapy also has several other health benefits. Some benefits that come with heavy metal therapy can include:

Improved Cardiovascular Healthman and woman on path jogging

When chelation was still somewhat new, researchers studied the numerous health benefits the integrative therapy offered. Researchers found that some patients who suffered from cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris, chest pains caused by narrowed or blocked arteries, saw reduced symptoms of their cardiovascular diseases. Other patients suffering from a variety of other cardiovascular diseases also saw a reduction in symptoms as well.

Heavy metal chelation therapy can help soften the artery walls, which helps blood flow more easily. It can also help remove heavy metals from arterial plaque, helping to make plaque easier to move in the bloodstream and less likely to build up. While heavy metal chelation therapy performs differently for every person, it can have an overall positive effect on those who suffer from certain cardiovascular diseases.

Improved Blood Pressure

We’ve already covered the fact that heavy metal chelation therapy can remove harmful substances from your bloodstream, but did you know that it can also help improve your blood pressure as well? Heavy metal detox therapy can help to soften arteries that are affected by certain diseases, making it easier for blood to be transported throughout the body. Heavy metal therapy can also help to reduce plaque in the bloodstream that builds up along the inside of arteries, which decreases the likelihood of experiencing a stroke or heart attack.

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning can be hard to detect at first. While you may not have to worry about lead-based paints as much anymore, heavy metals are still prevalent in other forms and can be affecting you without you even knowing about it. Heavy metal particles can get into our bloodstream as well as the tissues in our bodies, making it extremely difficult to get rid of as well. Some metals that cause heavy metal poisoning are essential for your body to function, such as copper, zinc, and manganese, can cause adverse effects when levels of the substance are too high in the body.

Heavy metal detox therapy can help reduce both the amount of heavy metals in the body as well as the symptoms that they cause. With the help of certified integrative doctors, heavy metal chelation therapy can help remove high levels of harmful substances in your body, leaving you happy and healthy once again.

If you’re looking for the best heavy metal detox doctors in Houston, then look no further than the Comprehensive Health Center. Our integrative doctors can help with all kinds of health issues and holistic therapies. Learn more about our integrative health therapies, get to know our holistic doctors, or contact Comprehensive Health to schedule your appointment today.