Therapy is used to treat several kinds of malaties both in the body as well as in the mind. Physical therapy helps those suffering from both injuries and physical pain to strengthen their afflicted limbs or body parts in order to live a better, pain free life. Mental therapy helps patients who are suffering from mental illnesses or other emotional afflictions sort through certain problems, helping them reach a better state of mind and overall health. Here at Comprehensive Health in Houston, we offer several integrative therapies that use holistic medicine in order to help patients achieve better overall health. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the integrative therapies that can benefit you the most here at the Comprehensive Health Center.

Natural Chelation Therapyperson holding green plants

This therapy is a great way to help remove heavy metals and other harmful substances from your body. Though it may be difficult to try and pronounce, chelation (key-lay-shun) has been used for over a century to treat those afflicted by heavy metal poisoning. During World War II, chelation therapy was used to help treat lead poisoning caused by lewisite, a chemical weapon that was used in bombs and grenades. Natural chelation therapy was also heavily used in the 1950s for those suffering from lead poisoning from using lead based paints on US naval ships. In some people, chelation therapy can help soften arteries that are hardened by certain cardiovascular diseases.

Natural chelation therapy is administered intravenously and can only be prescribed and administered by a licensed medical physician. Here at Comprehensive Health, all of our doctors are fully licensed medical physicians and have devoted their lives to the research and implementation of safe, all-natural therapies to help people from all walks of life. Natural chelation therapy can help you achieve better overall health, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest rather than being weighed down by harmful substances.

Prolozone Therapy™

Another funny sounding treatment, Prolozone Therapy is a non-surgical joint and ligament reconstruction therapy. This permanent treatment can be used for many different kinds of chronic pain. Using ozone to cause proliferation of the joint or ligament, the effected area then begins to regenerate and rebuild new tissues, allowing the damaged or weakened body part to heal. Ligaments can oftentimes become weakened or injured from things like excessive use or even surgery, which puts strain on these body parts, leading to stiffness and pain.

Prolozone Therapy from the Comprehensive Health Center can help relieve numerous forms of chronic pain as well as help repair joints and ligaments permanently. Combining ozone with collagen producing substances allows for the regeneration and rebuilding of new ligaments as well as cartilage and connective tissues. Here at Comprehensive Health, we have some of the best holistic doctors that are all fully licensed physicians who are ready to help you. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or joint related issues, then Prolozone Therapy may just be perfect for you.

Allergy Therapy

People all around the world suffer from various allergies their entire lives. For some people, when they come into contact with their specific allergen, they may simply break out in a light rash or sneezing. However, for others, coming into contact with their specific allergen could cause severe health issues or even death if not treated quickly or properly. In this regard, allergies can be some of the most serious chronic illnesses on the planet. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about why allergies are formed in the body. An allergic reaction is the body’s overreaction to a certain substance that enters your body in some way, but humans still aren’t sure exactly why our bodies designate certain substances to be “harmful” when in reality they’re as harmless as can be.

Here at Comprehensive Health, we use a specially formulated solution that can help reduce the symptoms of allergies and other immune system issues and diseases. Using a solution of peptides, our natural allergy therapy can help reduce certain immune deficiencies, such as allergies. Right now, only a few medical offices are permitted to use this cutting edge holistic treatment, and Comprehensive Health is one of the few holistic doctor offices to be chosen to carry the procedure.

Anti-Aging Therapy

We all age, and some humans throughout history have even dedicated their lives to trying to find a way to stop and/or reverse this natural process that every living thing goes through. While we can’t stop people from aging, we have found a way to help reduce the signs of aging with all-natural holistic therapy. All things are made of cells, and as we age, these cells become damaged or aren’t replaced as quickly and efficiently as they used to be. This results in our bodies looking and feeling “older”. While there is no way to stop or to reverse this occurrence, at least not yet, there is a way to reduce or slow down the side effects.

Researchers have found that an important peptide-hormone, known as angiotensin, goes missing in our cells as we get older. This substance allows our bodies to preserve more water in our cells, which helps them to keep their structures and operate normally. Reintroducing this peptide-hormone can help us look and feel younger well into our golden years. Here at the Comprehensive Health Center, we use our integrative anti-aging therapy to help people look and feel younger with all-natural means.

If you’re looking for all-natural integrative therapy in Houston, then the Comprehensive Health Center is the perfect place for you. Learn more about our holistic therapies, see what kinds of integrative methods of assessment we use, or contact Comprehensive Health to answer any questions and to schedule your next appointment today!