How A Few Little Chemical Molecules Control The Aging Process

We all know the inescapable fact that all life ages. Everything that is born must die. However, what if we could find a way to make the life we live more vibrant and healthy? Research on the biochemical causes of aging is making it possible to reduce many of the signs of aging. Patients at Comprehensive Health Center have been enjoying these benefits for years.

Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

First, we must understand the basics of how the body ages and its formation. A single cell is brilliant. Capable of producing thousands of substances in response to chemical stimuli. Your cells are responsible for memorizing whole sequences of complicated information. It is no wonder that cells are called the building blocks of life.

On the surface of our cells, there are a host of molecules called “receptors” that open to the center of cells. These receptors all have a unique shape. When the appropriate chemical finds the receptor of the cell, the reaction starts. The cell then kicks into action and begins to manufacture various substances. Depending on what the cell’s new purpose is, these can be either beneficial or harmful to our health.

When the chemical molecules enter the receptors, they act as a type of “messenger” for our cells. These messengers are called “ligands” (or “binders”). In our anti-aging discussion, a kind of these messengers is more critical: Neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules used by cells to communicate with each other. These molecules produce neuronal signaling that influences the activity of the brain. This signaling has a direct impact on the body’s aging process.

Neuropeptides and Their Connection to Aging

Over 25+ years and three continents, a small group of researchers has been fighting the aging process. They aimed to understand the biochemical changes associated with aging. To begin, they determined which processes caused the typical problems associated with aging. They compared blood samples from 6,000 seniors with their younger counterparts. The results of this study showed some distinct differences between the different age groups.

Enter, neuropeptides. The younger patients’ samples showed high amounts of certain neuropeptides. The elderly patients’ blood samples contained significantly lower amounts of these specific neuropeptides. The older subjects had more of other neuropeptides, not as prevalent in the younger group. Similarly, the various neuropeptides seemed to be related to many of the symptoms of aging.

Would neuropeptides potentially crucial for anti-aging technologies? Were the types of neuropeptides present in the body dictating steps of the aging process? At its core, the fight against aging is against the symptoms of aging. Neuropeptides set in motion many of the signs of aging that lead to decreased quality of life.

One example is dehydration. Researchers investigated for years before determining the cause of elderly dehydration. With aging, has long come decreased thirst. What confused doctors for decades, we now can relate to a peptide-hormone, angiotensin. This peptide-hormone governs the bodies water retention, thirst, and overall hydration. The elderly, on average, had less angiotensin than the young subjects.

What Does it All Mean?

Unfortunately, cellular aging is irreversible. While we cannot, yet, stop cellular death, we can reverse some of the causes and negate the symptoms. We can influence the “governing systems” which control every individual cell. Many problems experienced with aging can be related to system malfunctions.

Following the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the systems that govern our cells degrade as we age. This degradation causes most of the symptoms that make aging unbearable. By slowing or reversing the decline of these systems, we can slow the signs and effects of aging on the body. Using Peptides for anti-aging is an example of one such treatment.

Enjoy the benefits of the Solutions of Peptides at Comprehensive Care Center. Our staff understands the importance of an integrative approach to anti-aging medicine. With an affordable, monthly treatment, our patients avoid many medications. The use of neuropeptides is effective in treating the symptoms of aging on the skin, mind, and organs.

Many of our patients came to us unable to do regular activities and severely limited in their lives. Cards line the walls of our office from happy clients; “I have got my life back” is one of our favorite testimonials. Our patients avoid not only many signs of aging, but also many of the side effects of medications. Treatment with peptides has helped our patients to regain independent lives.

While we cannot cure aging altogether, we can keep your body functioning longer. A “Solutions of Peptides” treatment will prolong your independence and vitality. For more information on this life-changing treatment, visit our Anti-Aging Therapy page.  Contact us to set up your appointment today!