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Present Revolution in the Research of Aging

The research of aging had been, until recently, confined to the study of aging of human cells in vitro (i.e. studying the aging of human cells “in the bottle” – instead of studying the aging of a real, living human body). For this reason, it is not surprising that very little has been done to combat the complexity of problems associated with “growing old”.  Click here to read our reviews for Doctor Battle, MD

Studies of human cells showed conclusively that it is not possible to prolong the life of human cells past about 120 years. We can state categorically that whoever makes claims to the contrary is either a well meaning fool or, much worse, a person who makes misleading claims deliberately – for reasons one can only speculate about.

The life of our cells cannot be prolonged past a certain limit – this is the bad news. The good news is that our life itself can be significantly prolonged – and its quality can be dramatically improved – by applying the latest results of first-rate medical research in clinical practice.

All cells in our organism are controlled by the combined function of the three governing systems of the body: The central nervous system (the brain), the endocrine system (the glands) and the immune system (the spleen, thymus and other lymphoid tissues, the bone marrow and the circulating white cells in our blood). These three systems constantly communicate with each other in a never ending exchange of messages. The result of this communication determines every single process in our body: whether we are healthy or sick, whether we are happy or depressed – indeed, whether we live or die.

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A cell is a very brilliant, a truly intelligent “personage”. It functions like a huge compound of intricate factories, capable of producing thousands of substances as a response to some very specific chemical stimuli. It is capable of memorizing whole sequences of complicated information for later use – a real jewel in the crown of this universe.

On the surface of our cells there is a battery of molecules called “receptors” – intricately shaped openings to the center of cells – making each cell look like a pincushion. If a chemical molecule, which is specific for a particular receptor (i.e. which has exactly the same shape as the receptor’s opening), enters the receptor and, through the receptor’s “hole”, reaches the center of the cell – the cell starts manufacturing various substances which can be either very beneficial to our health – or downright disastrous to us, causing disorganization within the body, diseases, and death.

We call these chemical messengers “ligands” (which means “binders”) – and we are here specifically interested in one type of them – neuropeptides.

These neuropeptides flow ceaselessly through the extracellular fluid which continually bathes all cells of the human body. Whenever particular neuropeptides find receptors on the surface of a cell which correspond to their shape, they slip through the receptors’ openings right into the center of the cell – and a string of different chemical reactions burst out of the cell, producing a whole range of changes throughout the organism.

Most of the time, i.e. in a healthy body, these bindings of receptors and neuropeptides result in a positive balance within the body – what we call homeostasis: our bodies have a natural tendency to produce a harmony among the myriad of interlocked systems constituting a human organism.

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However, a real problem arises if one of the following three abnormal processes takes place:

When the receptors, essential for receiving positive signals (e.g. receptors which are essential for a successful defense of the body against foreign intruders), become blocked by various molecules of similar shape, preventing the “positive” peptides from entering the cell, very serious consequences can occur. For example, when fragments of the HIV protein, called gp120, burst into the extracellular fluid and block some essential receptors on cells – such as the receptor for the very important natural peptide VIP (vasoactive intestinal peptide) – the body’s defenses literally crumble: the result of this mechanism is the feared complex of immune disorders generically called AIDS.

Viruses can sometimes use one of the receptors to “illegally” enter a cell, insert its own DNA into the cell – and replicate within the cell, safely protected there from the body’s own defenses as well as from any antiviral treatments – until it destroys the cell completely and cascades into the organism to cause various disorders, from transitory mild ailments all the way through to many serious, even fatal diseases.

For reasons only partially understood at the present, the body sometimes produces sort of “rogue neuropeptides” – molecules which enter the receptors on the immune cells and cause the cells to produce antibodies against the organism’s own tissues. This mechanism is responsible for a variety of serious progressive diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and many other ills of mankind. The human organism has a tremendous capacity for self-repair. There are many theories attempting to explain why this capacity declines with age. However, whatever their differences, all the theoreticians agree that this ability to continuously repair damages to cells and organs indeed does progressively decrease with age – with resulting deterioration of the quality of life, dramatic increase in onsets of various diseases – and eventually in shortening of lifespan.

For a clinician, the proliferation of hypotheses is relatively unimportant. What is of paramount importance to both doctors and patients is the question whether the results of the latest research could be utilized for practical reversal of the progressive decline of the whole organism – which is otherwise irreversibly associated with the process of aging.

Reversing the Symptoms and Signs of Aging

Research of the biochemical causes of aging – and the discovery of new methods on how to reverse this process – make it now possible to eliminate many symptoms and signs of aging. Application of these new methods also results in a dramatic decrease of diseases caused by the process of aging.

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More than 25 years ago, a small group of medical researchers on three continents commenced a coordinated effort to understand the biochemical changes associated with aging.

The first problem had been to find out which specific processes in the human body caused the typical problems associated with aging. In order to answer this fundamental question, the researchers first analyzed the blood samples of some 6000 people of older age groups – and compared the findings with the results of blood analyses from 6000 people of much younger age groups.

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The results of this study showed some marked differences between the two groups. Some neuropeptides which are plentiful among the younger subjects are noticeably less abundant in the older people. Other neuropeptides are present among the older groups in much higher numbers than they are among the younger people.

As a result of these changes in levels and functions of neuropeptides (and also differences in several other bodily mechanisms), the people belonging to the “older group” developed in their bodies high levels of unwanted antibodies – substances which keep ceaselessly attaching their own tissues such as the thyroid gland, sexual glands, pancreas, lung tissues, heart and blood vessels, liver, the lining of stomach and bowels, T-lymphocytes (the white blood cells responsible for defense of the body against foreign intruders), the joints, the kidney tissues, several parts of the brain, etc.

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The combined effect of these unwanted antibodies and deficiencies of certain essential neuropeptides and other substances produce the complex of symptoms and signs we call “aging”:

Older people have the tendency to put on weight, or, on the contrary, suffer from a lack of appetite; they become sluggish, lacking their precious energy; they have difficulties tolerating sugar; their sexual potency decreases – some even become impotent; they become stiff, especially in the morning – some have tendency to break their bones; they experience shortness of breath, often suffer from palpitations and other heart problems; they experience chronic constipation, anemia, urinary problems, depression, forgetfulness etc.

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Our research team had investigated every single detectable chemical abnormality in the bodies of the “aging group” – for over twenty years – before applying their findings clinically. At the end, a clear sort of “map” emerged, showing conclusively not only what was happening in the bodies of the studied people – but also why.

The next – and the most important – step was finding out how to eliminate the biochemical changes which cause the dramatic decrease in life quality of aging people – as well as how to eliminate or prevent the frequent diseases of aging people, which often result in unnecessary shortening of their lives.

It would require thousands of pages to explain, at least in simple terms, all the intriguing processes finally utilized in this new methodology of practical reversal of many of the symptoms and signs of aging.

We will mention here just a small example: one of the grave signs associated with aging is the lack of thirst and a disproportional loss of water (through breathing etc.) – resulting eventually in a dangerous chronic deficit of water in the body (a situation typical to almost every older person). This water imbalance sooner or later causes a number of serious disorders, ensuing in urinary tract problems, kidney malfunctions, anemia, uremia, mental impairment and, sometimes, renal failure and death.

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After many years of having tried in vain to understand this process, the researchers finally discovered that older people have low levels of an important peptide-hormone, angiotensin, which is responsible for the urge to drink and for preserving water in a body – and another small part of the complex puzzle has been solved…

The desire to escape the natural process of aging is as old as humankind itself. Ancient fairy tales tell us all about the magical “fountain of youth”, alchemists of the middle ages endlessly searched for their “elixir of life” – and Dr. Faust was willing to sell his soul for at least a temporary escape from the limitations of old age.

Unfortunately, cellular aging is irreversible – and no “fountain of youth” or “elixir of life” is going to alter this fact. However, the “governing systems” of our bodies – which control each individual cell – can be positively influenced – and this intervention can produce results to cells and bodies which can be truly “magical”.

It was unequivocally demonstrated that the multifaceted malfunctions of these “governing systems” (malfunctions which inevitably occur, and keep progressing, with growing age) – and not merely the cellular aging of organs – are the real cause of most of the problems experienced by aging people.

The new approach to reversing the symptoms and signs associated with aging, which is the subject of this article, can only address the various manifestations of aging – but it can also target the most subtle molecular changes which are responsible for the process of aging itself.

The years of theoretical research not only illuminated the underlying causes of various pathological manifestations in aging organisms but, for the first time in medical history, also resulted in a practical method of dealing with these pathological manifestations.

Solutions of Peptides addressing this complex of “deviation from normal”, which exists in aging organisms, had been finally developed. They had been first applied in human clinical trials conducted in several European countries just over five years ago.

The results of some 6000 treatments administered to the participants on these trials were evaluated during and after the five years clinical study. It was ascertained that these specific Solutions of Peptides are:

Almost completely non-toxic to humans and animals if administered correctly, producing no serious side-effects whatsoever: No treatment throughout the five year period had to be stopped owing to any serious undesirable side-effects.

Extremely effective in reversing the signs and symptoms commonly associated with aging: Scores of people, previously severely limited by “problems of advanced age”, some of them fully dependent on other people for day-to-day living, marked improved to the point of becoming completely independent again. The elimination of pain, increased energy and vitality etc. of the study group of patients was remarkable.

Affordable and very easy to administer – by one small intramuscular injection once a month with no other medication necessary. The elimination of the various side-effects produced by the multitudes of pharmaceuticals, routinely swallowed by people in this age category, results in a striking improvement of the quality of their life:

The application of the Solutions of Peptides allow people to stop moving in the vicious circle of being perpetually under the influence of various medicaments – with their plethora of side effects and all the long term damages to their organism – damages necessitating further pharmacological intervention – etc. etc. – until death.

Instead of endlessly covering different symptoms with the use of various toxic means, it will be now possible to address the very roots of the problems of aging people by using a method which is immediately effective, highly specific and completely natural.

We are pleased to announce that these solutions of peptides are now available at the Comprehensive Health Clinic. You can now receive natural, integrative anti-aging therapy at our holistic medical center. We’ll use natural alternative medicine that will help relieve symptoms, not just hide them. Contact Comprehensive Health today to set up your appointment.