Methods of Assessment

Our simple non-invasive tests determine the root cause of a health problem.

Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA)

The evaluation of your “body soil” – your biological terrain, is what we call Biological Terrain assessment or BTA. This in-office procedure evaluates pH, the oxidation-reduction potential and resistivity of the body fluids such as saliva or urine. The six to nine direct measurements made by an ultra sophisticated bioelectronic device, are computer evaluated to generate several more derived values, which add a colorful, graphic representation of your biological terrain. These measurements provide extremely useful and practical information, such as the degree of acidity or alkalinity of your body, whether you are adequately digesting your food or if bowel toxicity is presently impairing digestive function. You also learn if your body enzymes are functioning properly and if sufficient vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are reaching your body’s cells.

Often very subtle yet potent influences can exist within a person’s system that standard laboratory tests do not measure. The BTA can help detect the presence of these influences. These may include irritating fungi or yeast, pollutants, chronic viruses, serious xenobiotics (environmental poisons), and a deficiency of oxygen. The BTA can spotlight an accumulation of toxic residue in the blood and lymph or functional deficiency of the kidney and liver to effectively clean the blood.

While the BTA does not diagnose any specific condition or disease process, it does provide extremely valuable information about the underlying biological terrain of your body. Information which can empower you to a level of wellness which you may not have experienced for some time. And your practitioner honors the principle that every human body is unique and as such every person must be treated uniquely.

If you’re looking for the best holistic medicine in the Houston area, then Comprehensive Health is the perfect place for you. Our integrative doctors have years of experience and knowledge to help you get back to a healthy way of life using all-natural methods. Unlike traditional medicine, the alternative medicine used at Comprehensive Health is non-invasive and we never use harmful chemicals that just mask the problem or illness rather than actually treat it. BTA tests are a safe and easy way to diagnose all kinds of ailments that you may not even realize you’re suffering from. Contact Comprehensive Health today to see if a Biological Terrain Assessment is right for you and schedule your appointment today.


“Every menu is a prescription – the meal is the medicine.”
– Jean Rostand, Biologist