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Holistic Allergy Clinic Therapy Doctor

Medical researchers, clinics and doctors at the University of Oxford, England, in association with a group of their Swiss colleagues, completed a medical research on holistic allergy therapy, which had lasted for over twenty-five years. The result of this project is a new, completely non-toxic holistic, and extremely effective therapeutic holistic allergy therapy approach to some of the most serious diseases which could not be effectively treated in the past. This research conclusively ascertained that the cause of many serious chronic diseases is an underlying disorder of the immune system.  Click Holistic Allergy Clinic Therapy Doctor here to read our holistic reviews for Doctor Battle, MD


The immune system is a successor of ancient defense mechanisms in more primitive organisms than mammals. It sometimes overreacts, goes into panic, and becomes literally berserk. For example, if the body detects lipopolysacharide endotoxin , the product excreted by some strains of often harmless Gram-negative bacteria, it turns on every defense at its disposal: it will bomb, defoliate, blockade, seal off, and destroy all tissues in that area – causing fever, hemorrhage, necrosis, and shock. And yet, there is nothing poisonous about this endotoxin itself – – but the body must surely – if mistakenly – believe that the endotoxin poses an extreme threat to its existence.



The most devastating failure of the immune system is cancer. Everybody develops some cancer cells continuously throughout life – but the immune system normally detects these cells and destroys them in the very early stages during their proliferation, before they develop and cause problems. For a variety of reasons, the immune system sometimes fails to perform this task.



The body also sometimes produces antibodies against its own tissues – as if these normal tissues were foreign intruders. This invariably leads to development of a serious chronic disease. The diseases (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Glommerulonephritis, Addison’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis, various disorders of blood, the endocrine system, the intestines etc.) are virtually untreatable by today’s medicine – apart from relieving the pain, inflammation and other symptoms. Once more, the afflicted patients are, almost without an exception, variously harmed by these “treatments of symptoms”.

For example, a patient suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis is often prescribed corticosteroids (such as Prednisone). Corticosteroids do not influence the course of the disease itself – but just “cover” some of the patient’s symptoms. These drugs indiscriminately suppress the entire defense system of the body, leaving the patient exposed to the myriad of intruders such as viruses, bacteria, and, which is the most serious threat of all, destroys his or her defenses against cancer.


And, on top of it, the manufacturers of corticosteroids themselves list among the side effects of corticosteroids the following problems:

“Accumulation of fluid that can lead to a heart failure; osteoporosis leading to spontaneous fractures of bones; susceptibility to all forms of viral and bacterial infections including often fatal septicaemia, tuberculosis, disseminated fungal infections etc. – with frequent deaths recorded in patients who contacted the common children disease varicella; eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataract; sugar diabetes; mental and neurological disturbances; acute pancreatitis; increase of blood coagulation leading to thromboembolic complications which could result in deaths” – etc. etc. (Martindale, “The Complete Drug Reference, 32nd Edition, pages 1010 and 1011)

Naturally, this very group of devastating diseases had been the main focus of attention of the Oxford medical researchers. Solutions of Peptides had finally been developed for several serious diseases, which could not be effectively treated until now.

Subsequent clinical trials, where more than 15,000 patients had been treated, established the fact that this form of therapy is completely safe (there had been no fatalities associated with the treatment – and not even one single adverse reaction was recorded which would necessitate a discontinuation of the treatment, throughout the entire five years of clinical trials).


The clinical trials also demonstrated the astonishing efficacy of this new therapeutic regimen: 96 percent of patients responded to the therapy, most within days of being commenced on the treatment.

The Solutions of Peptides are administered by intramuscular injections. In almost all cases, the effect takes place within one or two days following the first treatment.

The treatment is then repeated every 21 to 28 days – until the condition “stabilizes” – i.e. until the immunologically competent cells, coming to the circulation from the bone marrow, become free of the immunogenic sites that stimulate the production of unwanted antibodies (this usually happens after nine to ten treatments).

The only contraindication for this treatment is any concurrent treatment with any and all immunosuppressive drugs (such as corticosteroids or cancer chemotherapeutic drugs, e.g. Cyclosporin or Methotrexate), which would render the immune system of the body unable to recognize the antagonist peptides – the active ingredient of the Solutions of Peptides.


This therapeutic modality is presently confined to only few selected medical centers – and it will be so for approximately another one year. Only a limited amount of this therapeutic material can be produced and so only those patients who do not respond to the various symptomatic treatments currently available are normally chosen for this therapeutic regimen.

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