Integrative medicine has been around for many years. Unlike traditional medicine, integrative medicine combines natural holistic therapies with modern advancements in both science and technology to help create a form of medicine that’s all-natural and highly beneficial. One of the most popular integrative therapies around is all-natural ozone therapy, which can help benefit many different people who suffer from chronic diseases or serious injuries. But what exactly is ozone therapy and what does it do? In today’s blog, the Comprehensive Health Center, the best integrative doctors in Houston, will go over what natural ozone therapy is and how it can benefit you.

What is Ozone Therapy?

While ozone therapy may be something you’ve never heard of before, chances are you’ve heard of ozone before. Ozone, mostly found in a gaseous form all around the world, is a naturally occurring substance. Over the years, concern about holes in the ozone layer, which is a layer of ozone gas in the Earth’s atmosphere that helps protect our planet from the harsh UV rays produced by the sun, have steadily increased. In a rare case of cooperation between lawmakers, industry, and the general public all around the world, the hole in the ozone layer started to repair itself thanks to environmental policies implemented by a large number of the world’s countries and nations.

Ozone has many benefits for humans in the atmosphere as well as a natural holistic therapy. Ozone gas can be administered to the body in different ways. For some, ozonated olive oil can be applied directly to the body, while ozonated water can simply be ingested to get the full health benefits of ozone therapy. Injections and saunas are also another common applicator for all-natural ozone therapy. Ozone gas can also be combined with collagen-producing substances, like in Prolozone Therapy™, in order to help mend injured ligaments and possibly reduce chronic pain.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

While in the atmosphere, ozone helps prevent harmful UV rays emitted by the sun from causing skin cancer and ruining the world’s natural food chain. However, ozone gas also has several health benefits when ingested, injected, or applied to the body in some form. Health benefits of natural ozone therapy include:

Stimulates White Blood Cellsgray stones

Ozone is an element that is made up of three oxygen atoms. When ozone is safely introduced to the body, it raises the overall oxygen levels in the bloodstream. This helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells in the blood. Ozone stays around for long periods of time after administration as well, helping to increase white blood cell production for a long time even after the initial application of the ozone therapy.

Kills Bacteria

Did you know that bacteria is a living organism? Like animals and humans, bacteria have to consume things in order to live and grow. Bacteria have a metabolism, though most bacterial metabolisms are around one-seventeenth as effective as the average human metabolism. Because bacteria has a such a fragile metabolism, they can’t produce the antioxidant enzymes used to fight off ozone. This means that very few kinds of bacteria can live in an environment composed of more than two percent ozone, meaning ozone is an all-natural bacteria killer.

Fights Viruses

Unlike bacteria, viruses aren’t living organisms, which makes fighting them a little trickier than their disease-causing counterparts. However, much like bacteria, viruses are susceptible to ozone therapies. When introduced to the body, ozone helps to fight viruses directly, similar to white blood cells in the bloodstream. Ozone also damages the part of the virus that helps to enter cells, which causes reproduction of the virus. Cells that are already infected by viruses are also weak against ozone. Much like bacteria, the metabolic requirements of fighting off ozone is too much for viruses, meaning the virus can’t protect itself from ozone atoms.

Can Aid In Cardiovascular Health

Ozone has been shown to help oxidize arterial plaque, which is the hard, sticky substance that blocks arteries and can cause things like heart attacks and strokes. With all-natural ozone therapy, you can possibly increase your overall cardiovascular health by clearing out arterial plaque blockages of all kinds.

Helps Repair Ligaments

Ligaments are similar to rubber bands that help hold things like bones, joints, discs, and more together. They’re elastic in nature, which allows them to stretch as needed and come back to their normal form all the while keeping some of our most vital and heavily used body parts where they should be. Tearing or injuring a ligament can be an incredibly painful injury, and depending on the severity of the injury, other ligaments and body parts could possibly be affected. Recovery from a ligament injury can be a long and painful process.

Prolozone Therapy combines ozone gas with collagen-producing substances that are designed to help repair injured or torn ligaments as well as reduce chronic pain that comes along with the ligament healing process. Prolozone Therapy can help patients who are trying to heal from ligament damage and are suffering from chronic pain from those injuries heal quickly and feel better overall.

Other Benefits of Ozone Therapy:

  • Can help the production of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
  • Can help boost the immune system
  • Effective against all types of fungi
  • Can help inhibit the spread of cancer cells
  • Increases flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells
  • Accelerates the Krebs Cycle
  • And more!

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All-natural ozone and Prolozone Therapy can be highly beneficial for many people who are suffering from all kinds of chronic diseases or chronic pain. If you’re looking for the best ozone therapy in Houston, then look no further than the integrative health doctors at Comprehensive Health. Learn more about our Houston holistic health center, get to know our integrative doctors, or contact Comprehensive Health to answer any questions and to set up your appointment today.

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