We discuss what thermography is and why/how Dr. Battle uses it in his practice.

Thermography is a non-invasive and FDA approved preventative screening technology. Medical thermography is used to identify heat in the body by using a unique infrared camera. These infrared images tell doctors some different things about your health. Thermography can detect cancer forming up to 10 years before other methods. Other conditions such as strokes, pain, nerve damage, and arthritis are also visible. Thermography can also be used in allergy detection.

Why does this matter to you? If you don’t have any family history of a disease, you may not be looking for a screening method. Or maybe you’re worried about the side effects of the procedure. With some tests, like a mammogram, you don’t want to do one too early. Because of the risks of some tests, overusing them is not recommended.

The thermogram has no radiation, does not squish the breast, and is noninvasive. This means that you can reduce your chances of being blindsided by a disease. But when do you turn to a test like a thermogram? Dr. Battle works with his patients to monitor their health. Thermography is used as part of a comprehensive health plan as needed.

No illness occurs in a vacuum. At Comprehensive Health Center, we believe in treating the whole person. It seems almost too easy – if living a healthy lifestyle can stop the disease, wouldn’t everyone do it? There are many barriers to living a healthy life in today’s world. Pollution, processed foods, genetically modified foods, and more wreak havoc on our systems. Everyday products, meals, and even our fillings can leach heavy metals into our bodies. So what can we do?

While healthy eating and lifestyle can help, they aren’t always enough to keep you healthy. Disease and illness find their way into even the more natural lives. That’s why preventative medicine is such a relevant field. In caring for the whole person, we can avoid or detect disease before it’s a problem. Being proactive is the best way to stay healthy.

So how can you harness the power of the 92% accurate, thermogram, to manage your health? Dr. Battle will use thermography as part of your comprehensive health program. Similarly to how a firefighter uses thermal imaging to find someone trapped in a fire. Dr. Battle uses thermography to find diseases and imbalances in your body. Identifying them early which provides the highest chance of recovery.

One of the most important benefits of thermography is that it can detect breast and other cancers. Dr. Battle uses a computerized regulation thermogram, with a diagnostic accuracy of 92%. Thermography allows us to not rely too heavily on mammography. It will enable more frequent and side-effect free testing. Dr. Battle can identify tumors and also changes in tissue that may signify tumor growth.

If you’re considering thermography or other preventative screenings, contact the office today. We have a variety of books and other research to recommend on the topic. Dr. Battle is also happy to discuss different screenings and treatments with you. Start being proactive about your health today. Give us a call at 713-932-0552 to make your appointment.