We’ve all been to the doctor’s office before. Oftentimes we feel like we’ll get even sicker just by sitting in the waiting room for the doctor, while others actually are worse off after visiting their traditional style doctor than they were before the visit. Painful surgeries and harmful chemicals make healing from traditional therapies even harder than they normally would. In today’s blog, Comprehensive Health, the experienced holistic doctors in Houston, will go over a few ways that all-natural integrative medicine is actually healthier and more beneficial than traditional medicinal practices and therapies.


Have you ever tried reading the ingredients on your medicine bottle? Most of the time, it’s impossible to even pronounce half of one of the words on the list of chemicals and additives, let alone know what they do to your body or where they come from. Many prescription and over-the-counter medicines use harmful chemicals that, while possibly addressing and helping with certain problems, can actually cause more harm to your body than it does good. We’ve all heard the drug commercials that fire off the long list of possible side effects near the end of each advertisement, all of which sound worse than the symptoms the drug is supposed to treat.

With holistic medicine from the doctors at Comprehensive Health, you’ll get all-natural treatment and therapies that don’t use harmful chemicals, dyes, or additives. The medicines we use here are made from all-natural means, and our therapies won’t leave you hurting even worse than you were before you stopped in. With natural medication and therapy from a trusted doctor, you’ll get back to feeling like yourself in no time at all.

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One of the reasons traditional therapies can be so harmful to your health is because many traditional surgeries use invasive techniques. This means a surgeon will have to cut you open and fix a problem on the inside of your body. If you’ve ever experienced a cut of any kind, you already know that they can be extremely painful. Well that pain doesn’t go away just because someone with 16 years or more of college is cutting you open. Sometimes, invasive surgeries can cause even more harm than they do good, as the problem can be deep inside a patient or in a highly sensitive area. These surgeries can leave patients with months or possibly even years of healing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy just to get back to the point they were at before the surgery.

At Comprehensive Health, we use non-invasive assessments and therapies in order to help you heal in an all-natural, healthy way. With our integrative therapies, you’ll need little to no recovery time at all, helping you feel better while getting you back to your preferred lifestyle quicker than traditional means. Our alternative medicine doctors will also go over every aspect of your therapy before you decide to go through with it, so you’ll know what to expect and feel comfortable in your decision.

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As we said before, traditional medicine uses chemicals that can cause different reactions and symptoms in your body than just healing. Medicines that don’t cause other symptoms oftentimes do little to nothing to actually heal your body. Traditional medicines have a tendency to usually just mask the problems or symptoms, causing you to come back to your medication time and time again in order to function normally. All the while, your medication could be hurting you even more with side effects and harmful symptoms rather than actually helping you heal or getting rid of the symptoms you originally took the medication for.

Holistic medicine and therapy from Comprehensive Health is designed to help get rid of the initial symptoms or problems that brought you into our integrative health clinic in the first place while also boosting your overall health in the long run. Not only will you finally be rid of the pesky problems that made you visit us, but you’ll feel better and better with each and every treatment. Our holistic doctors will help you get back to your healthy way of life with all-natural means with healthy alternative therapies.

If you’re looking for the best integrative medicine in Houston, then look no further than Comprehensive Health. Our holistic doctors can help you get back to perfect health with all-natural medicine and therapy. Learn more about Comprehensive Health, see what kind of integrative therapies we offer, or contact us to schedule your appointment at our Houston clinic today.