How a Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) works and what it is good for.

A Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) is a measure of overall health. This test does not diagnose one specific disease but outlines the state of health. The BTA evaluates your “body soil” or your “biological terrain.” This test includes pH, oxidation-reduction potential, and resistivity of body fluids. You’ll learn things like alkalinity of your body and if you’re low on critical vitamins and minerals. So why haven’t you heard of this non-invasive test?

Most doctors miss vital information because they do not use the BTA evaluation. They may not be aware of the research behind BTA evaluations. Here at Comprehensive Health Center, our treatments are on the cutting edge. Between 6-9 measurements by a bioelectronic device are at the basis of the assessment.

Why should you try a BTA evaluation? First, because pH is essential for your overall health. There are countless other reasons, but at its core, this is a preventative test. Tests like the BTA evaluation are a part of excellent integrative medicine practice. The team at Comprehensive Health Center can guide you on tests. Explaining the benefits of each and helping you decide what is needed at that time.

What will you learn from your BTA evaluation?

  • The Level of acidity in your body
  • Level of alkalinity in your blood and saliva
  • Whether your blood tends to be too thick or not
  • If your cells can create energy
  • Mineral deficiencies in the blood
  • Antioxidants present in the body (enough or not?)
  • The ability for kidneys to excrete wastes
  • If a high enough level of digestive enzymes is present
  • if the lymphatic system is congested

What will knowing this information do for your health? The BTA evaluation helps you and your doctor to determine where you may be deficient. The test provides info on the most effective supplements for your optimal health. By checking for blockages, energy levels, and vitamins/minerals, you’re getting insightful information. This information helps your doctor to prevent disease years before any symptoms start. If you already have a disease or illness, this test will help your doctor begin the healing process. By treating your nutritional and physical health, your body will be better able to fight off any “bad guys.”

So why have you not heard about this non-invasive health evaluation? Probably because you’re not seeing a doctor who specializes in integrative medicine. Give Comprehensive Health Center a call today for more information.